International markets – Creation of a new MARKETPLACE

The new trend in international markets is marketplaces (targeted shopping platforms), where anyone can sell and buy products and services at retail or wholesale prices.


Marketplaces are divided into:

  • B2B (business to business),
  • B2C (business to consumer),
  • C2C (customer to customer)
  • combinations of the above


Examples of successful international marketplaces include eBay, amazon, airbnband alibaba. In each marketplacethere are many sellers selling their products to many buyers, unlike in the classic eshops, where one seller (a business) sells products to its customers. The reason for this trend is that customers are now educated in online shopping and do not want to waste time searching for products and services.


Sales models you can choose for your new marketplace:

  • retail salesof products (B2C)
  • wholesale salesof products (B2B)
  • sales of intangible goodssuch as tickets, computer games, software licenses, etc.
  • sales of real estate(houses, land etc.)
  • rentals of private or professional premises
  • booking systemsfor hotels, camping, coworking places etc.
  • rental of itemssuch as cars, clothes, event equipment, etc.
  • service offer
  • auction platform
  • real estate services
  • learning services
  • professional appointments(e.g. doctors, psychologists, lawyers, etc.)


When there is a marketplace dedicated to a product sector (e.g. car accessories) customers will prefer to buy their products from it, for the following reasons:

  • a single shopping basket, which enables the purchase of all the industry products needed by a consumer or business with a single payment, regardless of whether they come from one or more vendors
  • low prices for customers, since the same products may be sold by different sellers, which creates competitive prices
  • reviews of sellers by buyers, so consumers or businesses can get an idea of the shop from which they will buy their products before their first transaction
  • a guarantee of purchases and returns by the company that manages the platform, which controls each seller in various ways and imposes common rules for all of them
  • lower shipping costs, as the platform owner can negotiate lower transport costs (courier, freight) thanks to the higher volume of shipments
  • the customer becomes familiar with the use of a marketplace, while having the possibility to save his favorite sellers, thus making his next purchases easier and faster
  • acceptance of all modern payment methods, such as debit and credit cards, bank transfers, cash on delivery, pick-up from the store, e-wallets (e.g. paypal, apple pay, google pay), prepaid cards (e.g. paysafe card), escrow, cryptocurrencies (e.g. bitcoin) etc.


There are also benefits for sellers who sign up to a marketplace and sell their products:

  • increase their customer base geographically and numerically
  • increase in sales turnover
  • expanding their product distribution network to additional markets at no cost, to which they have not had access until recently
  • reduced transport costs per order, resulting in increased sales
  • save money by not having to create and maintain their own online store
  • saving time and workload since they no longer have to deal with technical issues or online marketing, but only with their sales


The ways in which you can recover your initial investment:

  • fixed or variable commission per order or product sold
  • fixed or variable commission from monthly or annual customer subscriptions (to services offered by platform vendors)
  • percentage commission from all sales of products or services (regulated and by product or service category)
  • monthly or annual vendor subscription costs with different rights and benefits
  • goodwill from the sale of the platform to strategic investors when it matures


At EYECON we have the necessary expertise and experience to create, configure and technically support the marketplace you have imagined and with the features you want. We can create for you a new ebay / amazon / facebook marketplace type platform where you will have full control of the sellers, products, payment and shipping methods, platform terms of use, sales commissions, seller subscriptions and additional features we can offer you.


Some ideas for new marketplaces:

  • Games
  • clothes
  • shoes
  • accessories
  • jewelry
  • technology products
  • furniture
  • sport
  • cosmetics
  • Taxi
  • psychologists
  • used retail or wholesale items
  • handmade objects
  • professional appointment
  • car parts
  • short-term leases
  • pharmacies
  • supermarket
  • convenience store
  • home deliveries
  • car rental
  • transfers-moving
  • job offer-search
  • holiday packages
  • pet care
  • etc.


Introduce your innovative idea to the domestic and international market with the tools we offer you at EYECON today!

Contact us to see the multitude of options your marketplace can offer you.